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Why should I come?

Why should you come?

Well, for one thing, to see what this Appleseed stuff is all about. To find out why one well-known gun writer who was there said, "this is going to be the next big thing that nobody saw coming."

Another reason...

To learn to shoot a rifle — to learn to shoot it just as well as your forefathers.

Another reason...

To hear the story that every American should hear. About how your forebears took up arms, on the first day of the American Revolution, and did things no other people in the world have ever done. To learn things you don't learn in school, about that day. About where the Revolution really started — it did not start in Lexington, nor did it start in Concord. According to John Adams, it was over before it started. Be there to hear The Story, because to hear it is to remember what they did, that day. And to remember, is to honor them for doing it.

Another reason...

To gather new hope for the future. To see Americans — volunteer Americans — not sitting around complaining: no sir, out doing something about it — like saving their country, one person at a time.

Another reason...

To meet other Americans with whom you can enjoy learning to shoot, and learning more about the momentous events of April 19th, 1775. So you'll go home with your hope for America re-kindled and enlarged because you know that there are others just like you.

Another reason...

To qualify to purchase an M1 Garand — still one of the world's finest battle rifles — and a true piece of American from the Civilian Marksmanship Program for a price several hundred dollars under market.

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