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Rifleman and Instructor Boot Camp Schedule

Don't miss this chance to learn all those things we can't teach in a short Appleseed weekend. This is your chance to learn to be an Instructor and get the opportunity to help instruct at the Appleseed event following boot camp. This page is updated regularly, check back often for the latest schedule.

Instructor Boot Camps (IBC)

May 2016
PiruCAMay 28-May 29InformationRegister
June 2016
DouglasWYJun 04-Jun 05InformationRegister
BowlerWIJun 11-Jun 12InformationRegister
July 2016
CaleraALJul 09-Jul 10InformationRegister
ColumbianaALJul 15-Jul 17InformationRegister
Battle CreekMIJul 23-Jul 24InformationRegister
August 2016
ToccoaGAAug 06-Aug 07InformationRegister

Rifleman Boot Camps (RBC)

June 2016
DouglasWYJun 05-Jun 10InformationRegister
October 2016
RamseurNCOct 16-Oct 21InformationRegister
April 2017
CaleraALApr 16-Apr 21InformationRegister

Note: Participation at a Rifleman Boot camp (RBC) does not require that you become an instructor. Participation in an Instructor Boot Camp(IBC) is only for instructors or those who intend to become instructors, and who have already attended at least one Appleseed.

Prices: The fees for an 2016 RBC are listed here. The price is for the entire week including the Appleseed event that concludes each camp.

IBCs are free for all who wish to attend.

However, all fees are waived for Active Military/Guard/Reserve. Fees for RWVA Instructors (Red Hats) interested in attending an IBC as a refresher course, and IITs who have already attended an RBC or IBC, are also waived . There are no mail-in registrations for an IBC;  any registration not made online via EventBrite is done at the door.

NOTE TO PARENTS: Although children are welcome at an RBC we do not recommend this experience for those under 16 years-old. However, each child is different and you are the best judge of your child's capabilities. If your child is mature enough for an intense week-long experience, all day, everyday, and will not distract others or yourself, they are welcome.

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